Mother Turns To Homeschooling After MRSA Death

Lisa Henry, Homeschooling her daughter after a student staph infection death.
Lisa Henry, Homeschooling her daughter after a student staph infection death.

One area mother aims to prevent dangerous staph infection by taking charge of her child's education.

NewsChannel 10 went to Borger to find out what parents are doing to after a child there died of MRSA. Parents we spoke with won't wait for word or directions from the state health department. They say keeping their children at Borger Middle School is just too risky.

Lisa Henry says she's not taking any chances. She's now homeschooling her daughter after a student staph infection death. "My deciding factor was Monday morning when I tried to get answers, I just couldn't get the answers," says Henry. She couldn't get the answers from a school district that claims to still have few.

Borger schools still have no official health department confirmation that a student there died of MRSA. "If I find out it won't change anything actionwise that I've done," says Stephens. "But a little bit more education for the parents might be what's appropriate at that point in time." Henry says she's disappointed the school is not taking more action than regular cleanings. She says if they did, she'd reconsider. "Disinfect that school," she says. "Prove to me that it has been from top to bottom disinfected."

According to the state health department  there is a protocol in place to get in touch with a school after an infectious disease death when necessary. But the state said it could not confirm what if any communication it has had with Borger Middle School. The school district maintains there has been none.

To learn more about MRSA and how to help prevent it, click on the link below.