Great American Smokeout

Hundreds of people will try to stop using tobacco products today because it's The Great American Smokeout. 

But many people will have a hard time kicking the habit because cessation counselors say it usually takes up to 7 seven attempts to quit before someone is successful. One smoker who quit says it's a matter of will in order to remain smoke free. 

"I think I'm done for life as far as quitting because it's something that I want to do. I have my goal set that I want to be healthier and I want to live longer, so I know this time I'm done for good as far as quitting." said Melvia Perkins who has stopped smoking for more than a year.

Another smoker who recently quit Bobbi Graham says the smoking cessation program at Harrington Cancer Center has helped her successfully quit for almost a year.

"You have other people to talk to you learn after you do quit your skin starts
to look better, you do feel better, people don't gripe about oh you smoke, you stink,
so it's a self rewarding thing." 
If you decide you would like to quit using tobacco products call 1-800-YES-QUIT.