Cough Medicine Lawsuit

An Illinois woman is suing two drug companies,

claiming her 4-month-old son died after taking their

over-the-counter cough and cold medicine.

She says they should have known the dangers of a key ingredient

and warned consumers.

The woman found her son dead in his crib in 2001. According to

her lawsuit she'd given him Infant Tylenol Cold Decongestant Plus

Cough and Walgreen-brand Pediatric Drops-Cough Plus Cold. Both

contain dextromethorphan.

A coroner's report says the infant died of dextromethorphan

intoxication. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

The lawsuit is one of the first since Federal Drug

Administration hearings last month where health experts testified

that parents should not give young children such medicines because

they don't work and can be harmful.

Drug makers preemptively pulled cold medicines targeted for

babies and toddlers off the market a week ahead of the FDA hearing.