Undocumented & Under the Radar

He'll do just about anything to stay in this country. Lie about his identity, use fake ID's and hide-out in his home. Discovered how far illegal immigrants will go to remain in this country... Despite the constant fear of deportation. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg  spent the day with a man many consider a criminal, still he is determined to become a citizen and stay in the country he loves.

"Yes, it's my dream come true but it's also my nightmare come true, I never wanted to be an illegal immigrant," says 'Pedro', an illegal immigrant.

'Pedro' came to the U.S. illegally when he was 18 years old in 1999, with his father. Although he tried, he was unable to establish citizenship.

"I have my mom and dad as U.S. citizens and I've been living 8 years now for my green card and there's no reason why that should be that long, t's ridiculous," says Pedro.

Pedro knows he's breaking the law, but he feels he's paying the price to stay in the country. He says living in the shadows keeps everyday freedoms out of reach.

"I cannot get on a plane, I can't go to my home country or out of the U.S. Or find a good job or live a normal life," says Pedro."This is my prison cell, my apartment, it does feel like a prison."

The most difficult thing for him is holding down a job.

"It's been crazy in four years I've had 28 jobs. "In 6 months I get caught, by the employer they confront me with my fake ID, my social security number is invented. They fire you," says Pedro.

Surprisingly, Pedro was able to get an Associates Degree at Amarillo College, he has a lease and a bank account. He says losing his home here, would be losing everything.

"I don't want to leave, this is my new country and who I am, I am an American by heart," says Pedro.

Pedro is in the process of getting his green card. He has three more years to wait until he receives it. He's depressed he has to continue to live under the radar until then, but he's determined to make it.