More Black Children in Foster Care Than Whites

A higher percentage of black children are being taken from their homes and put in foster care than white children.

That, according to reports just out saying while blacks make up about 15 percent of the child population, they make up almost a third of the foster care population.

In Amarillo, foster care numbers are trending the same as those national numbers.

The Department of Family and Public Services calls it "disproportionality."

Black children are more likely to be put in foster care and stay there longer than white kids.

They also are less likely to be re-united with their families.

But the Family Services here office says it is taking steps to curb those numbers.

It also says it is trying to recruit more minority foster parents to better represent the children in foster care.

It says there is no main reason for disproportionality, but says the high poverty rates among the black population play into it.