Larger Neo-Natal Unit Needed

Caring for more newborns, in the same amount of space. That's what nurses at Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital are trying to orchestrate while their Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit is being expanded. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg tells us how care givers are finding space where there seems to be none.

Up to seven babies can come into the NICU at once, and nurses are getting creative finding places to give them what they need.

"We open an area in the newborn nursery, ICU nurses go over there to take care of them, we open it often because we get pretty crowded," says Kory Dunn, a Neo-Natal nurse.

"You get creative so the work flow isn't disrupted because patient safety come first, no matter what else is going on," says Mary Barlow, the spokeswoman for BSA.

Especially when you consider the doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses and families who want to squeeze into the place. So the hospital is expanding the unit to be twice the size. It will be able to accommodate 26 babies and all the equipment and privacy needed for the families. Right now, it's limited, but manageable, the babies are getting what they need.

"Sometimes we have to limit to one visitor per baby so mom and dad can't come in together and that's sad," says Dunn.

Hopefully by this time next year, that will no longer be a problem.