Parents Alarmed Over MRSA Questions

Some parents are looking for answers after a teen's death has them questioning sanitation at an area school.

School officials tell us there is not a lot they can do.  A health source has confirmed to us the boy died Friday of MRSA. However, school officials in Borger and the hospital where he died tell us they cannot confirm the cause of death.  It's that uncertainty that has some parents furious. Stacey Byrd says she had to coax her son to return to Borger Middle School Tuesday. With questions of MRSA surrounding a seventh grader's death, her son was too scared to go to school on Monday. "What do you do when your child is crying and does not want to go?" she asks. "Because he doesn't want to catch anything."

Borger ISD Superintendent Clifton Stephens tells us school officials have heightened their concern after the student's death. But he adds, without official word on the cause from the boy's family or the health department, they are only proceeding with the regular building cleaning. "Whether it's flu or MRSA, or whatever it may be, you try and deal with it hopefully and obviously, because it is important for the kids to be at school."

Stephens say they are telling parents with MRSA concerns to check with their doctor, and parents are calling for more transparency.  "Let this come out to be public knowledge, " says Byrd.  "So that we can help our children figure out how not to get this."  To learn more about the MRSA and how you can prevent it, click on the link below.