Mystery Monday - Dorien Thomas

It is one of the most infamous cases in Amarillo history.. A nine year old boy vanishes... And nine years later... His mysterious fate still stumps investigators.

This Mystery Monday, NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin is re-opening the case file of Dorien Thomas... And what detectives are still doing to find him.

The case sits active on an Amarillo Special Crimes detective's desk. Still classified as a missing person... Still fresh on investigators minds.

The disappearance of Dorien Thomas... It's tonights Mystery Monday.

Lt. Gary Trupe, "One day he was there and the next day he wasn't. It hits the community as a whole, across all levels, we have a missing child in this town."

1998 - Dorien tells family he is going to ride his bike to get a snack...

Trupe says, "No one saw anything happen to him, no one saw him meeting with anyone, talking with anybody, riding or anything else."

Lt. Gary Trupe... Works the case and is the first detective on the scene.

"I remember interviewing Dorien's mother. We haven't been able to bring him back to his mom and say - heres your baby." Trupe says.

As the years pass leads continue to pour in... But none have given closure to the case.

"We get leads on this case maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Sometimes they come from the prison system, sometimes they come from people out in the community or sometimes they come from other places from the missing person database. We've had people say hey Doriens going to school in california... It wasn't true." Trupe says.

These filing cabinets normally hold 3 to 4 cases each... But Dorien has his own drawer... Stuffed full of dead end leads and evidence..

"When we get information we check on it. We can always hold out that hope that he isn't or hasn't, but this many years... Our hopes have pretty much dwindled. We believe he's met with foul play" Trupe says.

Lt. Trupe tells me when he retires... If Dorien is still missing... It will be a case that haunts his memory.

If you have any information police ask you to call the Special Crimes unit at 379-9468.

Next week on Mystery Monday..

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