Flag Dedication at Veterans Home

Amarillo also honored its veterans at the Ussery-Roan Texas State Veterans Home today with a flag dedication.

Flags from each military branch were presented to the home by the Amarillo Chapter of America Supports You.

The veterans home opened in May and houses both veterans and spouses of veterans.

Plans for the ceremony have been on going now for two month's....

"...of whether we would bring a small number of people together because we need to do it on the inside. and we wanted to dedicate it to the veterans, who are members or are residents of the veterans home at the present time," Clayton Hoffman, Ret. Col. US Army.

Residents were touched by the ceremony because they often feel younger generations do not realize what our military men and women have sacrificed.

"A lot of people don't remember, this younger generation, you see, they don't read enough of it, history don't give it much. A lot of it, they just don't study it," Buford Hartwick, Ret. Chief Petty Officer US Navy.

Many city and state officials attended the afternoon ceremony to show their support of our military heroes.

And there were very few dry eyes among the attendees and residents a like.