Flying, Driving May Cost the Same

If you are waiting until the last minute to buy your plane tickets to a Thanksgiving get together, you may have to change your plans all together.

Gone are the days when we could wait until a few days before Thanksgiving or Christmas to get a low-priced plane ticket.

Travel agents say they have not seen luck like that in years.

They say as planes fill to capacity, the prices of those few empty seats actually skyrocket.

Agents stress to plan any trip months in advance.

But, they say, there are certain times when lower fares may be available.  They say Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are the best times to buy a flight.

Locally, since flights out of Amarillo fill up quickly, travelers will drive to a bigger city nearby and fly from there, thinking it may save money.

But when we checked flights online and compared prices from those bigger cities, they cost about the same amount.