Overuse of antibiotics can increase MRSA risk

A pill you swallow today could do you more harm than good down the road. That's why health professionals are wary about how many antibiotics you take.

Doctor Bonnie Carter may be used to seeing a couple cases of dangerous staph a week at West Texas A & M. But it still makes her uneasy. "Some people are carriers and all it takes is a break in their skin to get an infection," she says. She notes overuse of antibiotics makes the highly contagious infection more menacing.

"The more antibiotics they're resistant to, the harder it is to treat and eventually we're gonna be where we're not gonna have an antibiotic to treat it, and it'll be very dangerous." Dr. Carter worries we could run out of ways to treat mrsa in as few as ten years. She insists the key to fighting staph infections goes beyond prevention.

It means coming up with new drugs now, to fight MRSA in the future. For more information about MRSA, click on the link below.