Doctor says 20 MRSA cases at WT now the norm

Dr. Bonnie Carter, West Texas A&M
Dr. Bonnie Carter, West Texas A&M

Area doctors are seeing growing cases of a skin infection that defies many treatments. 
Health officials at West Texas A & M identified one of their latest campus cases of MRSA Monday.

Health professionals are concerned about climbing levels of MRSA - the staph infection that is resistant to many antibiotics. Doctor Bonnie Carter says seeing about one or two cases a week at WT has become normal.

"Everybody should be concerned about it because it's definitely out there," notes Dr.Carter. "It's everywhere, I mean any skin infection you get you should see your doctor immediately just to see what it is before it spreads."

To keep yourself safe, health experts recommend keeping your hands and wounds clean. You should also stay away from other peoples' wounds and avoid sharing personal items like razors and towels.

And Dr. Carter says that's not all.  She advocates more controlled antibiotic use.  "The more we use antibiotics, the more resistent there is, the more virulent the bacteria are gonna get."

For more information on how to stay safe from MRSA, click on the link below.