Texas Students Required to Exercise at School

Starting next fall your kids will exercise for 30 minutes every day if they are in the Texas public school system.

Lawmakers are implementing the new exercise guidelines for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Experts say by the year 2025, almost half of all Texans will be overweight.

Well, that got the legislature's attention.

In the 1960s, 4% of six to 19-year-olds were overweight.

Now, just 40 years later, that number has shot up to 17 percent.

And 70 percent of chubby kids will grow up to be overweight.

That's why parents we spoke with like the idea of required P.E.

Even kids think athletics are important to maintain health.

Experts also believe kids who exercise regularly concentrate better in school and make better grades.

Along with those 30 minutes of P.E., schools will also give annual fitness tests to students.

Those will serve to compare kids' fitness levels now and later to others.