Demand For "American Made" Is Increasing

So many Chinese made products have been recalled in the past few weeks, that an increasing number of Americans are demanding "American MAde" products.
However, retailers say there may not be enough supply to meet this demand. Toy retailers say customers are coming in and actively seeking American made toys. Saying they are flipping over boxes to see where the item comes from before they even make a purchase, but they may not find many there. 

"The problems that we're seeing is that there's not a lot of american manufacturers out there to choose from. There's a few and we do carry those, but those companies are running ragged and don't have enough stock to even sell you at this point." said Virginia Nowak at the Great American Toy Company.

Nowak adds that 80% of the toys you see are in fact from China but that doesn't necessarily make them unsafe. One reason so many toys were recalled in the first place was becasue some Chinese toy makers did not comply with the U.S. safety standards and that's why the Consumer Product Safety Commission automatically recalled toys made by those manufacturers.
Economist say one reason you'll find it much easier to find Chinese made, is because it's just cheaper to make products there. 

"Lets just say we're talking about the matchbox car, and to have it made in china probably cost 2 dollars because the labor is sooo  inexpensive, and labor typically is about 70 percent of the cost of any  goods manufactured and if you try to make that same car in the united states it might cost $5 or $6 dollars to make." said Investment Advisor Bill Hall.

Retailers and Economist recommend buying toys that are European made as one safe alternative, because they have a long standing trade agreement with the U.S., and they have a proven history of complying with american regulations.

Many shoppers say they are changing the way they buy gifts this year.

"I've just always preferred more simple, American made, higher quality, maybe pay a litle bit more for something a little more well made."

"Probably gonna go more for clothes, or savings bonds or look for American made toys that are lead free."