Recall RoundUp

We had recalls this week for too much lead, for fire hazards, and even because of the date rape drug.

The coating on Aqua Dots, if swallowed, turns into the date rape drug.  It can cause your child to vomit, become dizzy, or even slip into a coma.  They sold at stores around the US from April until this week. If you have them, get in touch with Spin Master at 1-800-622-8339 for a safe replacement.

Lead again came up as a problem in toys imported from China. These pull back action toy cars sold at Dollar General Stores from April through October. You can return them to the store for a full refund.

Honda recalled these push lawn mowers. A crack can happen in the fuel tank, causing the fuel to leak, and that can cause an explosion. They sold at Home Depot and other stores from January through September.  You can take the mower back to the store you bought it at, and they will replace the fuel tank.

If you use a humidifier to help with this very dry weather we're experiencing, you may want to check the manufacturer.  Hunter Fan recalled these Warm Mist Carefree Humidifiers because they can catch fire.  They sold at various stores around the US, including Lowes and Wal-Mart, from September 2005 through February. Get in touch with Hunter Fan at 877-288-1145 for a replacement or full refund.

If you listen to music or watch movies on this Coby Electronics DVD/CD/MP3, stop. It can catch on fire.  They sold at various stores around the US from May 2006 through October. Call Coby at 877-231-9240 for a full refund.

And finally, take these Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen Toys away from your children. The faucet or the clock hands can come off the toy, causing a chocking hazard. They sold at various stores across the US from May through October. You can call Fisher Price at 888-812-7187 for a full refund.

For more information on all these recalls, follow the link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's web site.