Germ Thursday - Part One - The Workplace

It can infect you with a single touch... And it's all around you. Bacteria and organisms growing on every surface you come in contact with.

Tonight we start a weekly series focused on the germs we encounter everyday.

We teamed up with West Texas A&M to test what's really on your office keyboard... Door knob... and much more..  It's all part of tonight's Germ Thursday.

We started off testing each item the same way.

"This is a sterile applicator, I will take one by one - two of them. Then collect the samples from the keyboard and put them in our tube and then transfer them to the petri dishes." Dr. Nabarun Ghosh says.

These petri dishes were originally clear and everything you see that is yellow is bacteria growing.

The keyboard mainly had two different bacterias. Gram negative Bacilli - which has been linked to salmonella poisoning... And gram positive Bacilli.

But this isn't the only place we found gram positive Bacilli.

The bacteria was also discovered on door knobs and water fountains we tested.

Gram positive bacilli has been linked to a serious and sometimes deadly disease... Listerioses.

"You never know what kind of pathogen is there where everybody is touching." Dr. Ghosh says.

Doctors say the infection mainly affect people over 70 years of age or pregnant women since their immune systems are weaker.

While these bacteria have been linked to dangerous diseases, we carry them with us all the time, and for most they are harmless

"Normally in a healthy adult that practices good hygiene and a healthy diet and has a good immune system. Most of the time these organisms will not cause health problems." Cynthia Pratt, a Graduate student says.

If you have something you want tested e-mail us at We will pick the top three write in's to test at the end of the month.

Be looking for your kids items on the next Germ Thursday.