Vino for the Heart

Supporters of women's health in Amarillo gathered for wine tasting and a good cause this evening.

Go Red for Women is a nationwide movement to educate women about heart disease. According to Don Thompson, the CEO of the Cardiology Center of Amarillo, like the rest of the nation the Panhandle has a need.

"We find that as we get out in the Panhandle, women specifically need to know about heart and cardiovascular disease. How it affects them, and manifests itself in their lives."

This event was just a way to get people in and excited about Go Red.

"The purpose of the wine tasting, is to bring in those just to give them an education on Go Red. We kick off the movement in November. On February 1, we actually have Go Red Day, a Go Red Luncheon, and a full morning of Go Red lectures," said Caytie Martin, the Corporate Communications Director for Northwest Texas Hospital.

Last year that luncheon saw around 600 women show up, and this year Thompson tells us they teamed up with the new Laura W. Bush Women's Health Institute, and expect anywhere from 600 - 800 women.

For more information visit the Go Red web site at