Lottery Scam Hitting Amarillo Hard

A local business owner saved an Amarillo man thousands of dollars after she alerted police of a possible scam. 
Thirty thousand dollars in cash was stuffed between the pages of a magazine, and it was headed to Bulgaria.  However, a local business owner who wanted her identity protected alerted police after she became suspicious about the transaction.

"The fact that he was an elderly man and cash being sent get that oooy gooy feeling."
A feeling that was just one reason for her suspicions.

"He had used a return address name different from the name he had signed the customs forms."
So she  alerted the police about this package.

"We did a little bit of investigation and found out that he was sending money to another country in the pretense that he had won the lottery and needed to pay for his taxes and getting all this money sent back to the united states." said Corporal Jerry Neufeld of The Amarillo Police Department.
The case is now under investigation by the F.B.I.  The owner says packages like these are common practice in her business, and  she always tries to talk people out of sending them. 

"We try to alert several of the elderly people that come in and either try and fax their personal information because they won a lottery in Canada, we do tell them it's a potential scam."
She says most of the time they can talk them out of it and others just find somewhere else to send it.  She hopes in this last incident the man doesn't.