Texas Students Not Prepared for College

Texas high school students may not be as prepared for college as you would think.

A panel appointed by the Governor says about half of Texas college freshmen are ill-prepared for college.

Among the reasons, they say, are the state's curriculum standards and the TAKS test.

But students we spoke with say something different. They say they were well-prepared.

The students who are not well-prepared are placed in remedial or developmental classes.

The Governor's panel says 50 percent of college students in Texas are enrolled in those courses.

That's compared to a national average of 28 percent.

Colleges say one subject more than any other is usually a student's downfall.

The panel also says the state's curriculum is not challenging enough for students.

In addition to that, it says the TAKS test passing standards are entirely too low, making it easy to overlook a student's academic weakness.

Since TAKS test questions are drawn from the high school curriculum, the panel is recommending new college-oriented curriculum standards for English, science, and especially math, since high schools and colleges alike say that is a weak point for so many students.