Bushland School District Looks Forward After Failed Bond

The Bushland Independent School District is now trying to figure out what to do next, after their school bond fails for a second time.

"Our intention was to stay ahead of the game because we've grown at a fast place over a lot of years, and our projections are that we are going to continue to do that," said John Lemons, superintendent of the Bushland School District. Votes overwhelmingly rejected a $22 million dollar school bond Tuesday.

The BISD said the money would have gone towards building a new middle school, and that would have alleviated the expected crowding at the elementary school. According to Texas law the average student to teacher ratio should be 22 to 1. Lemons said the elementary school is enjoying those numbers and hopes to keep it that way. 
"Our staff has done a great job and we will continue to do that. It's just going to be difficult without the additional space. We had hoped to stay ahead of the curve," said John Cornett, Vice President of the Bushland School Board.

Superintendent Lemons said another school bond is possible next November.  Other options include adding portable classrooms to the elementary school and middle school. "You know when we're out of space there are portable buildings and we have some portable buildings on these two campuses now, they're expensive but that is an option for us, that's kind of a termporary thing," said Lemons.