Security Tight for First Lady's Arrival

From the time of the First Lady's arrival and throughout the day, the details of her travel schedule were kept a secret.

The First Lady showed up to the luncheon in a small motorcade, no flashing lights or noisy vehicles.

That's because the First Lady travels a bit differently from her husband, President Bush.

NewsChannel10 spoke with her press office at the White House, and they tell us she landed at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport in a government plane reserved for high ranking officials.

Her entourage was small, made up of only 5 people, including assistants, a press person and a photgrapher.

But at the same time they assure us security is tight. An unspecified number of Secret Service agents accompanied the group, and NewsChannel10 crews granted special access inside the First Lady's Motorcade estimate more than 40 agents were watching her every move and the moves of those around her.

ATF agents with bomb sniffing dogs were inspecting all cars in the parking lot of the Botanical Gardens.

Amarillo Police were also on hand walking the lot and providing further security at the scene.