Gas Prices Challenge Farmers

You can expect to pay more for food and some clothing this season thanks to the rise in the price of gas. The increases in diesel, unleaded and natural gas are all affecting everyone from the producer to the consumer.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains how farmers are faring.

Farmers are going to pack as much cotton as they can onto these modules because they are spending $1,000 a day on fuel just to run the machines to pick it. They may not be able to pass the buck on to you but chances are someone else will.

"There will be higher food prices because of the energy costs and transportation costs to get these goods from the fields to the markets," says Billy Bob Brown, a Carson County farmer.

Whatever that increase is to consumers seems nominal to Brown who is paying hundreds more in diesel fuel to harvest the same number of acres in crop.

"If it continues to go where it is going it will be a tremendous challenge. I'm not sure how we'll adapt but we'll find some way to lessen the use of fuel," says Brown.

Brown says he has already turned to precision type agriculture which allows him to go over the fields with a tractor fewer times to use less fuel. But beyond that the increase in cost is a hit he will have to take, and hope it doesn't get much worse.

"I don't see oil prices going down. There is too much turmoil in the middle east. There will have to be something to smooth things out," says Brown.

Brown tells me he will probably plant corn in these fields next year, because he can make more money off it.