E-Mail Scam has Predators Targeting Kids

Having an e-mail's contents change after you have received it seems like an impossible idea.. But not for predators.

Your child checks their e-mail and finds an indecent message... They close it... And the next time its opened, the picture and text is replaced by harmless material

What you are about to see is us actually showing a parent how the "disappearing e-mail works"

Adolfo O'Con says he monitors his daughters internet activity... But never thought this could happen.

"To trick a child, to do something like that. I don't think I want to let my kids on the computer anymore."

So what options do you have to protect your kid.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says, "If you were to open an e-mail and you knew right away that this is something bad. Leave it exactly the way it is and contact your parents contact the authorities. Contact someone and let them come and see it in that original format, because that is the only way they will be able to see it the way you saw it. "

Wilson says make sure you are always around your kids when they are on the internet to keep them safe.

For o'con... He says his children will never be on the internet again unless he is with them.

"Further your steps and monitor what's going on. Not that you don't want to trust your children, but you just don't know who to trust." O'con says.

Experts also recommend... If you get a bad e-mail... Print it, so you have proof of what it said.

To check out the e-mail for yourself... click here https://cat-man-du.com/safety/predatormail/index.html and you can send a harmless version of the scam to anyone, thanks to Cat-Man-Du.