Pinpointing Child Predators

How close your child comes to a predator...  That is what we wanted to find out.

Many of our children walk or ride their bikes to school every day.

And how close they come to a sex offender should be a wake up call to parents to actively know where their children are and who they are with.

Almost 500 registered sex offenders live within Amarillo's 28 zip codes.

154 of them, that's 31 percent, live within the 79107 zip code....

The zip code having the most schools within it.

Parents are shocked when we tell them how many offenders live around their child's school.

And even more so when we tell them just how close they're living.

Some, within only a few blocks.

Contrary to common belief, the City of Amarillo currently has no law outlining how far a registered sex offender must live from a school.

And that is an outrage to parents.

31 registered offenders live within the vicinity of Bivins Elementary.

One offender charged with trying to have sex with a 12-year-old boy lives just across the street from the school.

32 live around Emerson elementary.

40 near Johnny Allen.

So, with no law banning offenders from living near a school, what's a parent to do?

The Amarillo Police Department says the Texas DPS lists registered sex offenders.

You can search for them in your area by entering a zip code or city.

Or if you want to know where a specific offender is, you can search for him or her by name.

Almost every school researched has at least one registered offender living within its vicinity.

The only one that didn't was Puckett Elementary.

Neither the City of Amarillo nor the State of Texas has a law specifically restricting sex offenders from going near a school, church, or playground.

Whether or not an offender must keep a certain distance can be a condition of his or her parole or probation.

And that depends on what the judge in that case decides.