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Pampa Boy is Granted Rare Second Wish

Stony the Pony Stony the Pony
Raul Vasquez, Christian's dad Raul Vasquez, Christian's dad
Christian and his mom Christian and his mom

A Pampa boy recovering from cancer has a new miniature horse to call his own, after his first one was mauled by dogs. 

"The reaction was that he feels good cause he has another pony. He can ride the cart because he liked riding the cart," said Raul Vasquez, Christian's dad. 

The Texas Plains Chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation delivered Stony the Pony Saturday afternoon. 

"We just wanted to move as quickly as possible and see what we could find to find him a pony that would not take Anniversary's place by any means, but be a pony that he could bond with," said Jelaine Workman, Executive Director for Make-a-Wish. 

Anniversary was given to three-year-old Christian in August, but was killed by two pit bulls who got into his pen two weeks ago. 

Workman said she received calls to help from all over the country. 

"It makes me feel like, and I know that people from around here do care but it's nice to hear from other people," said Workman. 

As quickly as Stony arrived in Pampa, Christian hoped on to a cart designed for ponies and took him for a spin. Christian turns four next week and will start preparing to ride Stony in Pampa's Christmas parade in December. 

As for the two dogs that killed Anniversary, they were put down.  It's not clear what legal action will be taken against the owner of those dogs. 

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