Comanche Story Teller visits local school

November is American Indian Heritage Month and a local school had some special visitors today to learn about Native American cultures.

Two members of the Comanche Indian tribe spoke to students at St. Andrews Episcopal School.

Harry Mithlo and Juanita Pahdopony spent this morning sharing music and stories with the children.

They enjoyed their opportunity to teach their culture.

"Anytime I have the opportunity I like to do storytelling, its part of our culture, really comes from oral tradition of the Comanche People and other tribal people too."

The speakers took different approaches of teaching their heritage depending on the age groups.

"Animal stories that taught values like honesty or paying attention and listening to the younger children, but some of the older ones, we added a little history to it."

The visit follows lessons and discussions teaching the students about the traditions and life of Comanche Indians.