Sex Offender Identified On Bushland School Campus

A school security software designed to track sex offenders on campus is working at a local school. That's because a sex offender was identified by the device at Bushland Elementary. 
The Raptor Ware software and device was purchased by the school district, from a governors grant, and it tagged this person as a sex offender through their drivers license.  That's because behind the scenes, the ID's are being checked against the national database of registered sex offenders and the Department of Justice. 
"If it's a positive hit, the screen will flash, after we click yes this person matches the  drivers license and at that time it alerts the principal and the superintendent," said Office Assistant Stacey Winters Bushland Elementary who checks all visitor's in.

The school administration was alerted, they decided to allow this person on campus with a monitor.

"Once we found out that they were a sex offenders we went and pulled up what they were offended for so we were very clear on what their offense was and we felt that having a monitor was the best  way to handle the situation," said School Counselor Stephanie Braddock.

Another security feature of the software is that it also protects the visitor who presents their ID. All information is encrypted and stored in a D.O.J. database.