Streets After Dark: Part Two

Amarillo Police are making arrests... And taking drugs off the streets... All while you are in bed.

Tonight we are taking it inside the city limits and showing you the real lives of Amarillo cops.

It's all about what happens on the "Streets After Dark".

We started our active night with officer Thomas Newton. Dealing with everything from fights to taking drugs off the streets.

And he did just that...Seizing what he thinks is meth from a suspect..

Newton says, "Meth and Crack Cocaine are big things everywhere."

That bust wouldn't be our only big hit of the night. From there the calls poured in.

Two robbery reports including this gas station flooded the system within minutes of each other.

While officers were still working this very active scene...We were out looking for the suspects.

That led us to these men. While they were not tied to that crime they quickly became suspects in another. Police believe these items are drug paraphernalia.

McElrath says, This is the marijuana."

One also had outstanding warrants.

As our night entered the early morning hours no one was prepared for what was to come.

"Are you kidding me?" McElrath says.

Officers pulling knives, guns, machetes, and batons from this car. All dangerous weapons and shocking to see but believe it or not there perfectly legal.

As of September 1 anyone can carry a weapon in your car without violating the law.

There is no doubt after ridding along that their nights are busy.. But both Newton and McElrath tell me they love being cops... And protecting the community they call home.