Former Serviceman Sentenced to Federal Prison

Robin Beard, McClanahan's former wife
Robin Beard, McClanahan's former wife

He apologized for disrespecting the nation and his uniform, moments before his sentence was handed down. It's a story we've been following for you for six months.

McClanahan will spend two years and 10 months in federal prison for bank fraud and profiting off lies about his military background. Some of those who know him best say that sentence is short, compared to the 30 years in prison he could've faced. "For military out there, they really wish to see the sentence higher. You hope anyone can learn from their mistake, otherwise they're not sane, so you hope people will learn," says Robin Beard, McClanahan's former wife.

McClanahan's lawyer is convinced he's learned his lesson, and regrets the the fact he's hurt the military community. "Since he's been out of bond, he's committed no new offenses, and has been working, so I have no question in my mind that if he puts his mind to it he can become a productive citizen of our society," says Brooks Barfield.

When McClanahan gets out of prison he will be on probation for ten years. One of the stipulations of his probation is he cannot have more than one checking account, and must be open with his probation officer about all his financial and personal information.