AISD Is Trying Hard To Keep Kids In School

To combat school dropouts, a program offered by the Amarillo Independent School District helps students get back on track.

Maria Sanchez is expecting and was on the path to dropping out when she started attending North Heights.

"At North Heights, they make you want to learn more, they make you want to come to school, they make you  smile everyday when you're here, it's a stress free environment."

Maria says it's because of the one on one attention she receives. Counselor Janet Lewis says they also provide students flexible scheduling, open entry and exit, an evening program and  day care so seniors who are in trouble of failing or should have graduated can get the credits they need.

"I always tell my students here, we're fortunate that Amarillo  offers this program that this is your second chance, that this district is bending over backwards to get you a high school diploma and you need to  take advantage of it and most of them do."

Maria says "my teachers motivate me to come and they make me want to  graduate and they get me closer and closer to seeing my diploma and when I see it makes me want to be more successful in life for me and my child"

The program boasts a completion success rate in the nineties.