Gangs in Guymon Becoming a Problem

Mike Boring, Guymon District Attorney
Mike Boring, Guymon District Attorney

Gang presence is apparently becoming a problem in Guymon.

School districts there called law enforcement after several students admitted to gang involvement.

Law enforcement in Guymon says they're seeing an upsurge of gang activity because people from bigger city gangs are recruiting younger, more impressionable kids.

And both the police and school districts say they're not going to put up with it.

The quiet Oklahoma panhandle town of Guymon is not used to seeing gangs infiltrate their school systems.

That's why when some Guymon High School students admitted to the principal they were in a gang, they were banned from extra-curricular activities.

While there hasn't been any gang violence, gangs have committed other crimes, like burglary and vandalism.

To keep crimes from escalating, and to hopefully stop them, the Guymon district attorney put together a ten point strategy plan.

Guymon police also urge the community to get engaged.

They say don't ignore gang activity.

Report it to the police, so it can go on record and they can deal with it from there.

The District Attorney's 10 Point Plan is as follows:

1. Organize and hold a summit meeting

2. Establish a Panhandle Gang Steering Committee

3. Establish a Panhandle Gang Task Force

4. Law Enforcement Training

5. School Training - Policies and Procedures

6. Maintain Strong Law Enforcement Presence in Schools

7. Conduct Public Education Forums

8. Eliminate Active Gang Members' Influence

9. Enlist Support from Civic and Faith-Based Organizations

10. Seek Necessary Legislative Action