Death Penalty Still Pursued

Prosecutors will seek the death penalty in three criminal cases in Randall County.
   It serves as a message from the District Attorney that regardless of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to review the use of lethal injection, capital punishment will be pursued.  
   NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has a look into the cases where the death penalty will be sought. 
He's accused of physically and sexually abusing his sixth month old child, then killing her.
   Devon jones is in custody awaiting trial in connection with the April 10th death of Quionna Jones.  
   33 year old Mario Lee Torres is charged with injury to a child, after police found his 20-month-old daughter died from severe burns after a hot bath.
   Because both cases involve brutal deaths to children District Attorney James Farren is seeking the death penalty.
"We feel we have enough evidence to make a strong case in both crimes," says Farren.    
   Some in our area argue that until the high court makes a decision about lethal injection, all states should hold off.
   Many executions have been stayed, but that's not stopping farren from seeking capital punishment for Jones and Torres. 
"If we're going to shut down this aspect of the system every time we anticipate a court will make a decision we might as well close up shop and go home because that will always be true," says Farren.
   Stays are also being made at the state level.
   The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is expected to make a decision as early as tomorrow about whether the method of lethal injection used in the state is cruel of unusual.
   That argument halted an execution in early October.