Gang Activity In Guymon

Gangs and Guymon. The two are not usually associated with one another. But since this school year started Guymon schools have seen a substantial increase in gang recruitment and activity.

Newschannel 10's Megan Moore explains how law enforcement and the school district are working together to combat the growing problem. 

The Guymon D.A.'s office held a gang summit last night to talk about taking a proactive approach to curbing gang activity in Guymon.

What sparks this was both the Guymon and Hooker School Districts noticed students with tattoos and clothing symbolizing gang membership. When these students were asked if they were involved in a gang they came right out and said "yes"

"We're going to deal with this issue head on....eliminate the problem from here," says Chief of Police Eddie Adamson. 

Law enforcement tells us some members of the community deny any gang presence. But the people we talked with say sat live if there is a problem...they're glad something is being done to stop it before it gets out of hand.