Streets After Dark: Part One

What is really happening on Amarillo streets when your safe at home. We are taking an in depth look at lives of the cities finest and the challenges they face.

Every night deputies are dealing with drugs... warrants... arrest. Its all happening on our "Streets After Dark".

Want to know what its like when your in bed?

Your friend better watch her attitude.

Deputy Cory Ezzell with Potter County says, "Its always what I've wanted to do... Since I was a little kid I could remember anything else i wanted to do besides law enforcement... Its always what I've wanted to do. "

Speed limits 30 mph I checked your speed at 49.

After writting a few tickets and warnings we headed to a well known drug location and waited..

It wasn't long till someone came out.

After following them down the road Ezzell decided to make a stop... A stop that would pay off big time.

Ezzell says, "Want to see what that it."

They were pain pills, a medication the man didn't have a prescription for.

Ezzell says, 'Right now I am placing you under arrest for your warrants and also its illegal for you to carry those without a prescription.. Ok that's considered possession of a controlled substance... And also the marijuana."

A busy night with potter county just gave us a taste of what our ride along with randall would be.

Deputy Jared Wirt with Randall County says, "I believe in service.. Service to our community, I enjoy helping people, doing that kind of thing. That's pretty much why I got into it.. I enjoy it."

While they also have their hands busy catching speeders and taking drugs off the street... Tonight was about another challenge... Deputies serving a warrant on a women found her home alone with two children... A difficult situation since they had to arrest her.

Wirt says, "We try to make it as easy on the kids as we can. In situations like these we try to talk to them and let them know we are not there to hurt them we are there to be friends with them... But we still have to do our jobs and do what we are there to do. "

We've seen what happens in the counties... Tomorrow we will take it inside the city and show you the "Streets After Dark"