Wildfire Conditions Good for Outbreak

Residents around the panhandle need to be on alert... Tomorrows weather conditions will provide a prime atmosphere for range fires.

High winds... Warm temperatures... And dry grass. Tomorrow that combination could mean an outbreak of wildfire.

Weather experts say tomorrow's mix of several different conditions could mean a fire outbreak would spread quickly.

Doppler Dave Oliver says, "The main elements we look for are humidity and the winds. Tomorrow the humidity will be low and the winds are cranking up. We are already dry to begin with and we have had a few fires lately, and anytime you throw in a 30-35 mph winds its going to be a problem."

Oliver says he wouldn't be so concerned about an outbreak if we had had more rain recently.

"If we had been soaked with some rain and we had one day with the wind picking up we wouldn't worry about it but it's been a couple weeks since we've had moisture."

Here are some things you can do to prevent fires from breaking out.

Water your yard... Keep your grass short.. Watch were you throw down your cigarettes.. And make sure and use caution to prevent a break out... If you are going to be bar-b-q-ing or setting a controlled burn.

These red flag fire conditions are expected to continue through the week...