Staph a Problem in Panhandle, Like Rest of Country

We have seen Staph infections becoming more common and more serious in the past few weeks, and here in the Panhandle area things are no different.

Doctors say staph infections are on the rise here in the Panhandle, and the problem does not seem to be going away.

Local doctors say they first noticed the Staph infection problem in 2003.

Back then, they saw 99 cases.

Last year, they say they saw around 500.

Other places where Staph can become a problem are places like gyms, because thousands of people touch the same equipment every day.

But locally, gyms are cleaned constantly. And they say because of that, they have never had a Staph outbreak.

Other places where staph is more common are prisons, locker rooms, anywhere several people gather in a close space for a long time.

The infection is on the surface of the skin and looks like a spider bite.

Doctors say staph infections can often be cleared up with proper treatment.

They say the best defense against staph is to always wash your hands.

Also, if you are around someone with an infection and they touch your clothing, wash your clothes as soon as possible.