E-mail Scams Target Amarillo Businesses

Nick Albracht, Website Manager for Scott's Flowers.
Nick Albracht, Website Manager for Scott's Flowers.

Amarillo businesses are the target of a e-mail scam going around in the panhandle. Now that these are becoming more common, businesses are wising up to it.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains what the scam is, and how businesses are catching on to them.

Hackers are posing as the Better Business Bureau to fool businesses into thinking they've receive complaints about them. Several local businesses have been contacted, but none of them victimized, because they are starting to recognize this kind of scam.

"It's not surprising that it happens, everyone's out there to get a dollar the easiest way possible, so you can't ever be too safe," says Nick Albracht, the Website Manager for Scott's Flowers.

But you can get smart. Businesses like Scott's Flowers are protecting their product with a fire wall or keeping secure information off the internet so they can't be taken advantage of. This latest scam through e-mail, looks just like the kind of e-mail the B.B.B. would actually send out.

"I wouldn't be able to tell the difference probably, I would call the office definitely," says Albracht.

But the key is calling the bureau, instead of being curious about the content.

"The minute they ask if they have a complaint we look it up and let them know whether or not they do. In this scam usually those companies do not have a complaint with us," says Janna Kiehl, with the Better Business Bureau.

Because knowing is half the battle.

"I will keep my eyes open for it, you never can be too safe," says Albracht.

The fake e-mails even include similar wording the B.B.B. uses, and their trademark. So if you get something that looks fishy, call the Bureau at 379-6222.