What Prop 4 Means To The Texas Panhandle

Proposition 4 on the November ballot calls for up to one billion dollars in funding for maintenance and construction of public lands and property. 
Palo Duro Canyon State Park will receive about half a million dollars of the fifty-two million dollars for state parks and wildlife repairs and improvements, if the proposition passes.  The park buys raw water from the city of Amarillo and it's treated on site, but that water plant is old and expensive to maintain.  So park officials say the funds are desperately needed. 

"This money that's listed under Proposition 4 is specifically for looking into alternative water supply for the park.  Whether it's bringing treated water that we'll pipeline into the park so that we don't have to treat our water anymore or upgrading the existing facility so we can keep on going for years to come." said park Superintendent Randy Ferris.

Ferris also say In order for the park to stay operational, repairs need to be made soon.

"It's planning ahead, it's getting an engineer study before the plant fails. All plants have a time life, water plants I'm talking about.so you try to be ahead of the game. You don't want to do it after everything rusts and falls apart ."
The repairs don't just mean keeping the park open, the revenues will give our economy a boost as well.

"The overall economic impact of Palo Duro Canyon State Park is over ten million dollars."
The proposition itself is massive. It proposes one billion dollars in bonds payable from the general revenues of the state for maintenance, improvement, repair, construct projects and equipment purchases throughout the state.

Here's a look at the biggest projects that could receive funds:

   $275 million for Criminal Justice Facilities to build new prisons.
   $200 million for The Department of Public Safety crime labs. 
   $48 million to renovate Texas courthouses. 
   $52 million for state park repairs.
   $13.5 million for the National Guard.

According to the voters guide, the pros of Proposition 4 are putting off repairs can be more expensive, allows state to pay for cost over extended period of time. The cons of the proposition are the state should rely on a pay as you go policy. Also, the amendment gives too much leeway to the legislature and state agencies to decide how the money will be spent.
Ferris encourages people to look at the bill closely. 

"It's an all or none bill, so it's not like you can say I only want to vote for this portion  of it."

Proposition 4 is on the November 6th ballot. NewsChannel 10 will be bringing the results of that vote on election day.