Amarillo Homicide Updates

Amarillo police are currently working seven active homicides... All in the last two months.

Since August 17, the eight investigators in the Amarillo Police Department Special Crimes unit have had their hands full with a rash of homicides. Tonight we are tracking where the cases are... And what they still lack.

August 17 - 52 year old Wayne Talbert is shot once in the head... And spends three days on life supports before passing away.

Police arrest 55 year old Gary Ince and charge him with the crime.

At this time police are awaiting a full autopsy report, lab work, and interviews to complete the case.

Also august 17- Henry Hernandez is shot in the chest during an argument at Busters lounge...

The man police say pulled the trigger is still on the loose tonight. Police are asking for your help to track down Amador Lomeli. If you have any information on his whereabouts call Special Crimes at 378-9468.

August 28th - Felipe Mava is shot once and crashes into a motel on Amarillo Boulevard after getting in an argument. Police say Timothy Gonzales shot from his and Juan Granados vehicle into Mava's.

Police are also waiting for forensics in this case and are still conducting interviews.

September 9th - two month old Joseph Diehl Hart is killed... His 19 year old father Joshua Scott Diehl is arrested by police.. They are also still talking to family members at this time.

September 11th - 64 year old Ivan Thompson is stabbed... And 27 year old Jacquelyn Morrell, who was staying with Thompson, is charged with his murder. Police still need an autopsy report to send this case to trial.

October 7th - 46 year old Calvin Farmer is shot once in the chest by a man he was in an argument with. That man has not been charged with the crime because at this time police believe he acted in self defense.

They are waiting for a full autopsy report before sending the case to a Randall County grand jury to decide if the shooter should be charged.

October 12 - 25 year old Candace Hererra is shot multiple times at the chipping station on 34th and Eastern.

20 Steven Solis and 25 year old Sebastian Roys have been arrested for her killing. She is the last murder in the seven week trend.

Police are also still awaiting autopsy results on 88 year old Alberta bBars... Who was brutally beaten and robbed.

She died several weeks later... But police have not been able to confirm if her death was a result of this crime.