Teens Getting Dangerous Tattoos That Are Bad For Their Health

Parents need to know, Amarillo teens are finding a way around the law to get tattoos, and it's dangerous to their health.

They are getting them from unlicensed home based facilities and  it could give them a life threatening disease. That's because it's illegal in the state of texas to get a tattoo if you're under the age of 18. 

"At least 2 to 3 times a week someone will come into our shop and usually it's the minor with the parent they've gone out and gotten the tattoo from somebody then they come back and it's starting an infection and it's red and irritated and they've had to get parents involved and they
come in and there's a staph infection already occuring." said Chris Winton, Manager at The Tattoo Gallery. 

Unlicensed facilities don't have to follow health codes.

"Everyone who works in this shop has gone through a course on blood bourne pathogens which is basically covering transmission of diseases airbourne, surface contact, anything like that." Winton Continues.

So in a home based parlour it's easier to spread infectious life threatening diseases.

"A lot of infectious diseases  caught by getting tattoo's are not curable for now. For example hepatitis b, for example hiv, for example needle infections," said Dr. Ali a local Pediatrician.
Diseases Dr. Ali says are spread  through the transmission of blood person to person. 
He also says in order to prevent the spread of those diseases teens need to wait until they are legally able to get tattoos safely.

"Basically if you really want to get one, get a temporary one that sticks to you, you have to know what are the consequences of it, you have to make an informed decision." said Dr. Ali.

If your child does come home with one of these illegal tattoos, contact the Public Health Department.