Parents React to Bumbo Recall

A million children are at risk for head injuries because they could be playing in a recalled toy tonight.

The manufactures of the bumbo baby sitters seat say kids can flip out and be injured.. Parents tell me you can't trust any toy anymore.

Nine month old Holden Taylor has been using the bumbo seat since before he could sit on his own.

Melody Taylor, Holden's Mother says, "He was probably around three months old. And it was before he was mobile and crawling, and they kind of just sit. They really don't even sit by themselves yet, so it was a really good chair. It was a great tool because it helped him sit up on his own."

Taylor says the seat only became a problem when Holden began kicking and leaning back.

"He didn't actually start to flip but he started to kick and I could tell, ok he was either going to flop out, I didn't know the chair would tip, but he is either going to kick himself out of this chair or something not good."

The Taylors say they believe its not really about the toy... It's about supervising their kids.

TJ Taylor, Holden's Father, says, "Every toy that we have, whatever we let our kids play with, no matter what you buy. Theres a risk because kids are, they dont risk or the dangers of playing with things and they are just trying to figure out what how it works or what they can do with it. So I think there is a risk no matter what they are playing with or what they are on. I think you just have to monitor your child and just be aware of their actions."

More than 28 reports have come from the seat... If you have one.. You can contact the manufacturer at 877-932-8626 or at