Are You Prepared For A Disaster? If Not, Make Your Plans Now

Vicky Richmond, American Red Cross Texas Panhandle Chapter
Vicky Richmond, American Red Cross Texas Panhandle Chapter

If disaster strikes, 90% of Texas Panhandle residents are not prepared to leave their home in a hurry.  That's according to a recent poll from the Texas Panhandle American Red Cross. They recommend asking yourself what you need in case of a disaster, then sit down with your family and make a plan.

In the 2006 wildfires where Amarillo residents had to evacuate their homes, some lost everything. The American Red Cross says you can prepare so you at least have the personal items you don't want to lose. 
"The basics are food and shelter. Do you have your materials and supplies together in a safe place and perhaps even several places like your car, your home or at a friends house? That would include first aid, water, food, important papers and a little bit of cash," said Executive Director, Vicky Richmond of the American Red Cross Texas Panhandle Chapter.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Make a plan
2. Make copies of personal documents like birth certificates and home titles. 
3. Get all insurance information in order
4. Buy a fire proofsafe and put all those documents in it. 
5. Prepare an emergency kit. 

Richmond also says to evacuate your home in five minutes should disaster strike, you want to make a survival kit that you can pick up and run out the door with.

"Food of course and water, those are the things you can't  live without, first aid kit, shelter, duck tape, an extra set of clothing, a flash light with batteries, a radio with batteries."

You can customize your kit to fit your families needs by adding items like baby formula, medicine, entertainment and sentimental things you want to keep. 
Richmond says you also want to put keep personal items in a portable fireproof safe.

"Everything from your drivers license to copies of your  credit card, your bank account number, your birth certificate your social security number, titles to you car and home."
Richmond say most importantly you want to sit down with your family and plan out a ways to re-unite incase your separated.