Make-a-Wish Pony Mauled by Pit Bulls

A beloved pony donated by the Make-a-Wish Foundation to a three year old with cancer was mauled by two pit bulls on Monday.
   "We feel sad for the pony and because for Christian and for all the people who give Christian the pony," said Raul Vasquez, Christian's dad. 
   Vasquez recalls what happened Monday when he came to feed Anniversary and saw the pony lying on the ground, and two pit bulls with what looked like blood on their mouths.  
   "I was scared and I jumped to the table and then climbed up the tree. I thought the dogs already killed my pony and I thought, hey these dogs are going to kill me too," said Vasquez. 
   The Make-a-Wish Foundation gave Anniversary to Christian Vasquez in August, after many months of waiting. 
   During the interview with the family, a lonely-looking pony roams around the horse pen. The family says they pooled together money to buy Rayado for Christian before Anniversary arrived.  They say he's been acting scared since Monday's incident.
   This attack raises concern about an increase in the number of pit bulls being kept as pets in Pampa.
   "People are not keeping them restrained, they're becoming a public safety issue, but it's something we're going to have look into," said Sandy Burns, with the Pampa Animal Control office.
   Burns says she's seen more pit bulls in the area since the beginning of summer.  During an interview Burns says one of her officers was being called out to a call of a vicious pit bull.
   "We've been having a lot of problems with these pits. It's getting to a point where my officers are even concerned with their safety when they go out on these calls," said Burns. 
  Burns said the owner is likely to be liable for what happened to Anniversary. He may have to pay restitutions, she said.
   The Gray County Sheriff said the District Attorney is also looking into the matter. 
   As for Christian, the Make-a-Wish Foundation said they will find another pony for him real soon.