Horse donated to cancer-stricken child killed by pit bulls

An attack on a beloved pony is raising concern about pit bulls in Pampa.

Newschannel 10's Gabriel Morales looked into what could happen to the owner of the pit bulls that attacked that pony.

Anniversary the pony was mauled by two pit bulls on Monday. I talked with the head of animal control and she's worried more of these attacks could happen.

Anniversary was given to three year old Christian Vasquez by the Make-A-Wish foundation.

That's what is bringing so much attention to this incident. Sandy Burns of  Pampa Animal Control says the owner of the pit bulls might have to pay for the dead horse.

Burns is concerned because she says she is seeing more of these attacks and fears it could get worse. "This pit population is growing...keep them restrained," said Burns.
The two pit bulls who killed Anniversary will be put down. Christian's dad, Raul, says he just wants the owner to act responsibly.