Number of Accounts Stolen at TJ Maxx Double.....

According to court documents, about 94 million credit card numbers were stolen in the TJ Maxx security breach, more than double what was originally thought.

Like the rest of the country, banks in and around Amarillo have had a lot of work to do in re-issuing victims' credit cards.

Both Visa and MasterCard numbers were stolen in the TJ Maxx fraud and it's estimated that up 83 million dollars were fraudulently charged on those Visa accounts alone.

Amarillo National Bank says from January, when it first got word of the breach, until July it was receiving victims' card numbers.

The bank says it has re-issued anywhere from seven to nine thousand cards to customers.

The Panhandle was also recently hit with another security breach involving a local restaurant.

Area banks have had to re-issue thousands of cards in that breach as well.

To protect yourself, banks say to check your statements for unusual activity.

If there is, talk to your bank or credit card company immediately.