Tuition Rates Up, What Should College Students Do?

Dan Garcia, WT Enrollment VP
Dan Garcia, WT Enrollment VP

It is no secret that college is expensive, and a report just out says it is getting worse.

Tuition rates at four year public universities across the country are up over six percent from last year.

The cost of college is something most students and their families have to start worrying about before they even get to a college.

And that cost is going up with each passing year.

On average, the cost per semester of a four year college is about 400 dollars higher than last year.

WT Enrollment VP Dan Garcia says tuition rates are increasing because,"states are funding less of the cost of education, so more of the burden is being placed on the institutions themselves."

And that burden trickles down to students.

Universities stress to their students to apply early for grants and scholarships, since they don't have to be paid back.

But even with grants or scholarships, some students still need to take out loans.

Students can now to take out one thousand dollars more in loans than they could before.

And loan companies say they hope to teach students how to properly manage borrowed money so they don't spend years in debt.

Many universities require students who borrowed money to go through exit counseling before they graduate, so they can get a handle on how to go about paying back their loans.