Consumer Group: Home Lead-Testing Kits Not Reliable

Home lead-tests may not be as reliable as originally thought. That warning comes from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  The group performed 104 tests on several products.  They found more than half were false negatives, and two were false positives.
   "None of the kids consistently detected lead in products if the lead was covered with non-leaded coating," according to a news release by the CPSC. 
   Based on the results, the Commission recommends not using the kits to evaluate consumer products for potential lead hazards. 
   One company that makes the home lead-testing products says the CPSC's recommendation is irresponsible.
   "The CPSC is forcing the the household to do rigorous testing which is expensive and difficult," said Marcia Stone with Hybrivet Systems, Inc.  Hybrivet makes several swab products that can detect lead. 
   For consumers concerned about lead in their products, experts recommend keeping an eye out for recalls.
   That can be a daunting task but several websites are now helping. The websites and allow you to sign up for updates anytime a product, and not just toys, are recalled.