New Scam to get Your ID

Ray Wilson, President of CAT.MAN.DU
Ray Wilson, President of CAT.MAN.DU

Scammers take it to the next level in Amarillo... Posing as repair men to get what they want.. Your personal information.

They say they are there to fix the printer... And need your computer to check if its working.

But the short time they use your system... Could leave you cleaning up your credit for years.

Experts say the hackers don't care if they get the businesses information or the employees info... Just anything they can steal.

Most of the time when a hacker is posing as a technician they are not trying to get all the information they need at once. Sometimes they put in a simple flash drive and plant the seed so that later on they can pull up the information they want.

Ray Wilson, President of CAT.MAN.DU says, "Wou are trying to find those little things that are left behind from the banking transactions or little files called passwords. Things of that nature... And if you can find those... It really is a gold mine."

Computer experts say there is a simple way to make sure they don't get to your system... Ask for proof they are legitimate.

Wilson says, "Immediately ask for credentials and ask for who is the person who called you out. Because they need to get on the phone and get some authorization from one of there bosses to go, yeah this printer guy this computer guy we did call him out"

While it is mainly employees targeted... Wilson says the boss needs to keep workers informed of what to do if someone comes in and tries the scam.

"You can't just go to the receptionist and go hey don't let people in without calling me. You really have to develop an internal training program, and you really have to develop a culture that is aware of the dangers out there." Wilson says.

Wilson also recommends keeping employees in the know if someone is coming out to fix a problem by sending a mass e-mail out.