Organization Picking Up the Pieces after Devastating Fire

Carla Hughes, president of Advo
Carla Hughes, president of Advo

An organization that helps people with developmental disabilities is now trying to pick up the pieces, after a devastating fire Saturday morning.
   The Advo Company Inc provides life skills training, including a job and a place to live for those who need it.
   Their building on 10th Street near Georgia was destroyed. In it, office supplies, work materials, medical records and much-needed medication.
   But the focus right now is making sure the organization still provides the services they are required to give.
   "Right now we're really in a mode to make sure these guys are OK. To make sure that they understand this is a very small setback that is not something we can't overcome," said Carla Hughes, president of Advo.
   Advo works with businesses to give those with developmental disabilities a chance to make some money, and become somewhat independent.
   "They've really helped Tate become a more independent person, a person who has his own place to live.  He's under some supervision, but it's as independent as it can be," said Jeanne Prescott.  Her son Tate lives in a group home with six other men in the City Park area of Amarillo.
   For Tate, a day off seemed like a neat idea at first, but he's getting anxious.  A lot of the money he saves by working goes towards a trip to the Special Olympics, held in College Station. 
   "I make friends every year at the Special Olympics to see my old friends," said Tate Prescott. 
   Hughes says the company will have to start from scratch. Everything from chairs, computers, and other office supplies.
   If you want to help them, they have set up a fund at Amarillo National Bank under Advo Fire Relief Fund.  Or you can call 342-0600 to donate.