Commissioners to Vote Monday on TIRZ

Commissioner Manny Perez
Commissioner Manny Perez

57 percent of the Potter County tax revenue will go towards Downtown Amarillo.

That's if Potter County commissioners vote to support the revitalization project.  Potter County commissioners will cast their votes Monday.

On whether they will commit to giving a portion of their tax revenue to the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, or TIRZ.

Commissioner Manny Perez says he doesn't support the TIRZ plan because he believes citizens were not well-informed.

He says, "I'm against it because of the lack of communication and the information they have given to the people."

Perez also says he's gotten letters from citizens opposed to the plan, and other commissioners should listen up, "if the commission doesn't do what the people want, they need to get rid of those commissioners," says Perez

while Perez feels the public is uninformed about the project, others say the public has had a chance to hear the facts about TIRZ through town hall meetings held in recent weeks.

Commissioner Joe Kirkwood says, "I think most constituents are now for it when initially they weren't."

Kirkwood points out that giving a portion of the counties taxes to the project now will benefit everyone in the future, "I think it could be a great thing for Amarillo, and that we're on the right track."

Perez says he believes taxes in Potter County will go up if they vote to support TIRZ, but Kirkwood says he thinks they will hold steady.

The commission votes on Monday.